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Spa Packages

Riverside Special                                                                                                                                               

180 minutes - USD 185.00

An exotic traditional package with Maya massage followed by the choice of body scrub and flower bath. This pampering package finishes with a rejuvenating facial, leaving the feeling of total renewal.

Maya Escape
120 minutes - USD 125.00

Revive with a relaxing Balinese massage and choice of body scrub. Following by a pampering fragrant flower bath to create a feeling of increased inner strength and emotional balance.

Maya Delights
120 minutes - USD 125.00

This rejuvenation package begins with a soothing Maya massage followed by a choice of body mask. After showering, a refreshing early grey body lotion is applied to the entire body.

Petanu Interlude
180 minutes - USD 185.00

Our specially formulated Balinese massage is followed by a traditional herbal treatment and herbal bath that helps to relax and release stress. A choice of treat the feet therapy or reflexology completes that refreshing treatment.

Masculine Express
120 minutes - USD 125.00

A choice of treat the feet or reflexology, followed by a traditional herbal pound massage to promote the feeling of integrity and clarity of mind, and concluding with an all-empowering herbal bath.

Harmony Duo
90 minutes - USD 120.00

A four-hand massage with two therapists working in tandem to gently ease the body into a state of total relaxation. This special massage employs techniques to rejuvenate tired muscles and improve blood circulation, and is followed by a herbal bath.

The Refined Man
120 minutes - USD 125.00

An excellent package recommended after a day of intense physical activity. It starts with treat the feet therapy and is followed by a a full body massage and invigorating herbal bath.

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all price are per person and subject to an additional 21 % service charge & tax, if you wish to change and cancelled your spa booking, kindly advise us at least 6 hour in advance in order to avoid a cancellation fee being charged.