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Relaxing Balinese Massage
60 minutes - USD 69.00

Using traditional Balinese techniques with firm finger and palm pressure and nominal oil to ease away all bodily tension and invigorate the senses.

Soothing Maya Massage
75 minutes USD 85.00

Long strokes, combined with aromatherapy oils, lull the senses into a state of euphoria, leaving the body invigorated and the mind relaxed.

Treat the Feet
60 minutes USD 69.00

Special foot treatment assists in the relief of stress and tension to all parts of the body via constantly flowing energy channels that improve wellbeing by restoring the natural flow of body energy.

60 minutes USD 69.00

Foot reflexology works n the principle that all body organs are represented at the feet. by applying pressure to various point on the soles, the reflex nerves are stimulated that are systematically linked to all parts of the body. This ancient healing therapy aims to rebalance and harmonize the function of the entire body.

Herbal Treatment
60 minutes USD 73.00

Traditional herbal remedies have been used by the Balinese for countless generations in the belief that these applications warm the body, relieve tired muscles and alleviate minor rheumatic conditions. Therapeutic herbs assist in the removal of toxins from the body and refresh the skin. This treatment begins with a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a herbal pound of the entire body, cumulating with a scalp massage.

Body Scrub
60 minutes - USD 70.00

A natural body scrub will help to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy-looking as well as nourished. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface and is followed by an aromatic flower bath.

Chocolate Body Mask
45 minutes - USD 49.00

Indulge the senses with the aroma of chocolate. Not only does it taste good but it is also very therapeutic. A chocolate body mask can enhance serotonin levels in the brain, as well as detoxify moisturize and stimulate the circulatory system leaving the skin unbelievably smooth and sensually sweet.

Citrus Body Polish
45 minutes - USD 49.00

This invigorating skin polishing treatment cleanses, tones, moisturizes and exfoliates, leaving skin fragrant, soft and glowing with a fresh citrus scent of tangerine and orange.

Balinese Boreh
45 minutes - USD 49.00

Inspired by traditional Balinese remedies, boreh treatment has been developed to detoxify and warm the body using a stimulating mixture of powered cloves and cinnamon.

all price are per person and subject to an additional 21 % service charge & tax, if you wish to change and cancelled your spa booking, kindly advise us at least 6 hour in advance in order to avoid a cancellation fee being charged.

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