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Experiences the sights, sounds and scents of Bali whilst trekking at a leisurely pace across the Petanu River, through the rain forest past ancient temples, around traditional Balinese villages and through the surrounding rice terraces. A qualified Maya Ubud Resort guide explains the points of interest along the way.

Village Trekking

Enjoy the panoramic beauty of Bali while trekking the surrounding countryside accompanied by one of our professional resort guides. Walks commence in the cool of the early morning before the heat of the day. Begin to walk through Subak irrigation control and find the underground water irrigation tunnel which is reminder of second world war whilst you enjoy the scenery of petanu river valley. The tour is including visit of Goa Gajah temple (ancient Balinese Hindu and Buddhism temple) before you proceed the journey into authentic rice terraces to reach Tatiapi village to closely view the living of Balinese people, some artists also can be meet in this area before heading back to the hotel.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Rice paddy walk

Explore surrounding nature of the resort, visit the nearby rice terraces of Sakembang, then venture across the Jasan River to observe rice cultivation and the living environment of local farmers.

Duration: approximately 2 hours