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maya ubud - maya sari asiatique

Maya Sari Asiatique

Maya Sari Asiatique an innovative Asian-style restaurant that features an authentic teppanyaki counter. The menu includes selected specialty dishes from countries of the region, including Thailand, China, India, Japan and of course, the Indonesian Archipelago. Select the preferred level of spiciness and accompany the meal with long refreshing drinks whilst enjoying the simple setting that opens onto a courtyard fountain and informal gardens.

Asiatique Starters

South East Asian Tasting Plate of Vietnamese rice paper rolls, banana blossom salad with duck and ginger, curry puffs with chilli glaze, Balinese satay of shrimp and lemon grass, Thai spiced chicken in pandan leaves

blanched Indonesian vegetables with spicy peanut dip and belinjo nut crackers

Sushi Moriawase, using todays best catch straight from the fish market

Wafu Salad, seaweed and lettuce with sesame dressing

Barbecued Sea Scallops and Pomelo Salad tamarind dressing and kaffir lime

Vietnamese Banana Blossom Salad
with crispy duck and prawns, mint, basil and nouc cham dressing

Grilled Spiced Prawns, with dhal fritter cool cucumber salad, minted yoghurt podina

Chinese Style Salt and Pepper Calamari with green papaya, watermelon & nham jim

Soto Ayam, tumeric scented chicken and glass noodle pot

Tom Yum Goong, hot and spicy Thai broth with prawns and lemongrass

Soup Buntut, Java oxtail and nutmeg broth

Nasi & Noodles

Bihun Goreng fried rice noodles with chicken and vegetables

Mie Goreng Indonesian egg noodles with shrimp and chicken

The Maya Nasi Goreng
Stir fried jasmine rice, scented with sambal & soya, accompanied with chicken satay & chicken leg, large prawns, pickles and a fried egg

Asiatique Main Courses

Leek, Onion, Mushroom & Egg Martabak tomato compote, curry sauce

Vegetable Tempura, Pickles, Miso Soup

Deep Sea King Prawns
Cooked in an exotic Indonesian curry sauce with coconut, turmeric and lime leaves

Grouper Fillet
Marinated in Balinese ‘bumbu’, baked in banana leaf with mushroom, lemon leaf and spring onion

Seafood Tempura Indian ocean squid prawns and fish with organic local vegetables deep fried in a light batter and dipping sauce

Crispy Skin Five Spice Caramel Chicken with ginger, shallots and glazed oranges

Balinese Soya Pork Casserole with small potatoes and crackers

Mughlai Style Lamb Shank Korma with rice pilaf and a trio of condiments

Slow Braised Beef Rendang
wagyu beef cheek cooked in rich spiced coconut sauce, served with asian salad

All main courses are served with steamed rice

From the Teppan Grill

Gourmet Hot Plate Cooking
complimented by appetizer, miso soup, salad, pickles, steamed rice, vegetables and mushrooms, dipping sauces and dessert of your choice

Kawa Set
salmon, scallop, prawn, squid, gindara fish

Denen Set
deep sea prawns, garoupa and free range chicken fillet

Tani Set
prime beef tenderloin and prawns or prime sirloin cut and prawns

Prime Angus Beef Fillet & Lobster Set
120 grm. prime angus steak & half lobster

Teppanyaki Side Dishes
Bean Sprouts
Mixed Vegetables
King Prawns P.100 grm
Sea Scallops 5 pcs
Prime Beef Sirloin P.100 grm
Prime Angus Fillet P.100 grm