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Waste Management Education for Elementary School Students

Ubud - Bali, 20 February 2012 –  Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is firmly committed in incorporating sustainable business practices into its operation. We believe that good waste management and treatment helps protect the environment and needs to be conveyed to the youth of Bali through education programs.

Today, February 18, 2012, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa with the support of Gita International Yoga of Melbourne, Australia, engaged the 66 students and 7 teachers in one of the neighboring elementary schools in a program to learn about the necessity of waste management. The school, SDN 3 Pejeng Kawan is located about five minutes from the resort. 

The Resort’s Green Team shared a video and made a slide presentation to the children and teachers on waste management. The training session was followed by a cleaning blitz of the school yard and nearby area during which 97kgs of trash and plastic were collected.  

On this occasion the Resort installed two large garbage containers in the school yard with organic and non-organic signs along with canvas bags for dry garbage and plastic and established a schedule wherein the Resort would collect the garbage each week and arrange for its proper disposal at the Temesi Recycling Plant in Gianyar. 

During the visit, the school was also presented with waste bins and wall clocks for all classrooms and teacher’s office and equipped classroom with wall maps of Bali Province, Indonesia, the ASEAN countries and the world. Before parting, all students were provided milk and snacks and stationery for them to take home.